Very Adult Wednesday Addams - Katrina Jade

Video Description: In this adult Wednesday Addams sex fantasy, Katrina Jade features as your favorite creepy goth girl! Today, she takes her Uber driver Tommy Pistol on a journey down her very long driveway.. It's only when they reach their final destination that Tommy realizes Katrina's ride hasn't yet ended, and his only choice was coming inside at her demand! She told him to eat her pussy, and while scared, he knew what must be done! Besides, if he didn't make her cum like the devil by fucking the abyss right out of her, he might find himself in danger...

Tommy Pistol is single-handedly responsible for making me watch entire scenes. Dude is funny as hell!
2017-01-29 12:54
Katrina Jade is amazing and I love all the Very Adult Wednesday Addams series.
2017-01-20 22:34
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