Rizzo Dreams of Anal

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Starring Rizzo Ford, Gage Sin
Video Description: Rizzo Ford is bored of the same old lesbian sex - it just wasn't as pleasing the last time. Needing to rub one out, she went to town on her wet clit hoping for an orgasm and just wishing for a skinny tattooed guy with a nice dick to suck and mount.. and something magical happened! The Orgasm Genie granted her wish of a big hard cock to fuck her pretty, petite ass! And just as soon as he came on her face, he disappeared into thin air, forcing her into a very quick explanation of the 'yogurt' left behind to her girlfriend! Be careful what you wish for, you might be giving jizz kisses.

Love this. More Rizzo plzkthx.
2016-12-31 16:05
Dear Satan Claus, I've been a very naughty girl. Please bring me an orgasm genie for X-Mas.
2016-12-24 15:33
i can't believe you haven't heard of the orgasm genie
2016-12-24 14:49
I have a huge crush on Rizzo.
2016-12-24 08:58
This is going to be AWESOME!
2016-12-23 20:44
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