Luna Lavey Skyrim Cosplay

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Starring Owen Gray, Luna Lavey
Video Description: Luna Lavey and Owen Gray take their love of live action roleplay and cosplay to the next level by living out a little Skyrim fantasy. Luna, an Altmer from Summerset Isle embarks on a journey through Skyrim collecting only the finest herbs and stops by Owen's apothecary to make a trade! Only, he's not enough coin for her flowers and must offer something suitable to trade instead - like his very rare orgasms! You won't find a better one in all of Skyrim - and Luna is delighted by the goods offered. The creative sex process producing cum will fill her for days with the energy to complete her travels!

Loved this scene. Luna definitely stands out from the crowd with her facial tattoos and stretched piercings. Love how she's shaved the front of her head. Can't wait to see more.
2017-03-14 04:15
Luna is truly beautiful
2017-03-04 16:34
I can't wait to see this. Luna Lavey is perfect.
2017-02-25 11:51
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