Best Dealer In Town!

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Video Description: If you want the drugs, you gotta pay the price! Morals, integrity, honor. These are all things that the best drug dealer in town, Wolf, has. Surely, Pink Pussy girl Nikki Hearts would not seriously insult his integrity by offering to suck his dick in exchange for drugs. What he WILL do is makeout with her, go down on her, and give her a whole bunch of orgasms - even fuck her passionately in this garage. And then they'll go down to the pool together and do drugs together. He really IS the best!

Great scene! Any chance you could add the 1080p version of it?
2014-10-19 10:27
Awesome scene Nikki!
2013-12-06 16:12
I heard Joanna telling her to make some noises...yikes. Kind of killed it and then the condoms :(
2013-12-02 22:50
well that is embarrassing and I will probably have to re edit this scene! I am looking into this now. as for the condoms, we have gone condom optional. if the girls/ guys in the scene chose to use a condom they can. There have been some unfortunate recent events in the industry and a lot of people want to use them now, myself included. We really hope that you can still continue to enjoy our content- I want to make all of the performers feel comfortable and I want all the members to get off.
2013-12-06 22:35
Seeing a lot of latex in recent scenes, is this Mandatory now?
2013-11-20 21:26
I <3 Nikki Hearts!  She always looks so great and to see her in that tiny bikini.  Wow, just fucking WOW!  Nice cameo by Joanna Angel as well.  I won't spoil the reason for her short appearance in the video.  JUST WATCH THIS, Dammit!  \m/
2013-11-20 14:05
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