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Last online: 2017-02-22
Name: rizzo ford
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Height: shorter than most
Sign: Cancer
Location: Chicago
Occupation: sex toy afficionado
Ink/Metal: lots of tattoos, not so many piercings
Scars/Birthmarks: four scars on my face, can you find them?
Music: pretty much anything beat-oriented (no dubstep though) and lots of random stuff.
TV: LOST, Arrested Development, Batman: The Animated Series, Sealab 2021, Six Feet Under, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock
Movies: Quentin Tarantino is my god
Video Games: FINISH HIM!
Food: all of it
Hobbies: Being a nerd, getting stoned
Books: Graphic novels, por favor.
Best Time: I wouldn't say it was the best time, but I am a member of the mile high club!
Fantasy: To have a hardcore BDSM session with a dude dressed up as the Joker.
Favorite Position: Cowgirl, I get the bestest orgasms
Masturbation Material: burningangel.com
I Have A Crush On: Steve Buscemi
Perfect Match: I don't think this person exists
Drink: whiskey
Smoke: only pot
Bad Habits: I cuss like a sailor
Favorite Burning Angel: Adahlia
Why I Am A Burning Angel: why not?

I miss Rizzo.
2016-07-18 22:28
You mentioned kinky Joker sex. I'd love to don the costume, shove you against a wall and fuck you til you have no choice but to cum... hard
2015-08-15 01:54
you are my internet crush.....yep!
2014-12-31 11:08
Mh, I think I need to buy a Joker-Costume :D And I've to say: your new photoset is absolutely awesome!
2014-12-09 04:41
Absolutely beautiful! But then I may lay claim to bias over the presence of certain DC villains that adorn such a beautiful canvas that jump-starts my heart with your very own poetic presence.
2014-07-29 18:17
Girl boner ♥
2014-02-09 05:02
Yup, you are pretty adorable.
2014-01-15 22:56
Hello, Rizzo!  Hope the holiday season is treating you well.  I was wondering if I buy one of your promo phots from the BA store, would I be able to mail it somewhere to have you sign the picture?  Just curious, that's all.  You are one of my faves.  Anyways, take care ad good luck with everyting.  Talk with you later!  Sincerely, Thomas Bradley (@tbradley0878)
2013-11-29 17:33
Hey Rizzers, sorry I missed your web show. Bet it was amazing, hope you do another one soon.
2013-06-26 20:31
I looked up Bianca and I think I fell in love, that chick is gorgeous.
That's exactly what I was talking about! Thanks for giving me the heads up!
2013-06-16 23:32
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