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Last online: 2017-03-11
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5' 9
Sign: Leo
Location: Richmond, VA
Occupation: Piercer
Ink/Metal: Lots
Scars/Birthmarks: Big brown birthmark on my hip
Music: He is legend, Johnny hobo,atmosphere, dillinger escape plan, against me!, four year strong, Tom waits, jack white, this bike is a pipe bomb, immortal technique, cut chemist, black dahlia murder, the animals, baroness, cannibal ox, every time I die, as sick as us, Gogol bordello, heavy heavy low low, mischief brew, born of Osiris, wu-tang, Townes, smoke or fire, acacia strain, alkaline trio, violent femmes
TV: Deadwood, Rome, weeds, daily show
Movies: From dusk til dawn, star wars, kick ass, the incredible hulk, four rooms, anything Terry Gilliam.
Food: Baked goods, authentic Mexican, anything that's done well. I love food.
Hobbies: Cooking, baking, drinking, sex.
Books: Kerouac, Thomas Wolfe, Allen Ginsberg, Poe, Faulkner, hemming way, hunter s. Thompson
Best Time: Every time
Favorite Position: Bend me over, slap my ass, pull my hair.
Drink: Yes
Smoke: Yes
Bad Habits: See above.

love your pov
2013-09-05 13:50
Thanks for the add xoxo
2013-06-25 13:57
I hope to see more from this cutie! Yay for the VA!
2013-06-07 18:43
Thank you for accepting my request
2012-06-25 16:20
I just found out I'm going to visit my brother at the beginning of August. If you aren't busy, we should grab a bite! You can show me an awesome Richmond restaurant!
2012-05-28 18:30
I'm just mentally preparing for my big transition from nowhere Kansas to Staten Island .. Bigger transition than when I moved from Texas to Kansas last month. I'm very excited. Now I hope to finally be a published writer soon. Lots of connections in NY for that :)
2012-04-28 15:13
What you up to today?
2012-04-28 15:00
My brother just moved to Richmond. If I ever come in town for a visit, you should let me buy you a drink.
2012-04-25 20:50
Oh Mabel, you did it again ;) I already have so many crushes on you... but after watching your latest POV scene =) damn, I totally lost control ;) every little spot of your gorgeous body is so burning hot from all your sexiness... you're pure magic... and that awesome look from your eyes... can I die right now with you in my mind... life cannot get better than this ;) *heart*
2012-04-25 14:47
Don't mention it, kiddo. :)
2012-04-06 21:15
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