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Do you need HELP? Don't worry! If you are having trouble doing everything and anything you want to be doing on, we're here for you, man. Look no further. Help is on its way!

PLEASE BROWSE THROUGH THE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) BELOW - it's very possible your question is here, and the answer is just a click away. If you have an unusual and strange problem and you don't see it addressed here, please fill out the "Ask-A-Question" Form on the right side of this page and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Membership and Billing Questions
  1. I fucking love - how do I JOIN?
    You can join by simply going to our JOIN page ( All you need to join is a valid major credit card and you can gain access to our XXX video and photo galleries within minutes of signing up!
  2. Can I use a Paypal account to get a membership? can't. Paypal sucks. Sorry.
  3. What does the Charge for my BA membership look like on my credit card (I don't want anyone to know I'm a total perv!)?
    Don't worry – the charge for your Membership is VERY DISCREET! It will read "" on it. No "". No "BurningAngel". Not even a "BA". You can look on in total secrecy.
  4. I paid for a 30-day membership and was billed after the 30 days was up. WTF!?!
    30-day and 90-day memberships will automatically rebill until the member requests a Membership Cancelation. 1-Year memberships are automatically rebill when the 1-year period is over for a 30 days membership until the member requests a Membership Cancelation.
  5. I canceled my account, but still have access to the website; what's the deal?
    At BurningAngel, you get what you pay for. If you cancel your account in the middle of your BurningAngel billing period, the membership will not expire until your billing cycle expires. For instance, if you pay for a 30-day membership and cancel your membership the next day, you will still have access to for another 29 days. You paid for it – it's yours! :) It doesn't mean that your membership was not canceled.
  6. How do I make the biggest mistake of my life and CANCEL my membership?
    If you must, you can cancel your membership by Clicking HERE. If you are still having problems, please use our "Ask-A-Question" Form on the right side of this page, and include the full name on the credit card you signed up with, your username and the email address associated with your account. Someone will confirm your cancellation within 24 hours.
Membership Problems/Questions
  1. Where do I login?
    On all of the BurningAngel pages, there will always be a gray box where you enter your Username and Password in the top right-hand corner. Click the "Login" button below. That's where you login. If you still don't know where to login after reading this are just no more words to be said.
  2. I forgot my password; what do I do!?!
    Don't worry! If you forgot your password, you can easily retrieve it by going clicking "Forgot your password" link in the login box and enter the e-mail used upon registration. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your Password. If you still have issues, please contact us by Clicking HERE.
  3. My password isn't working! Ahhh!
    Before you get frustrated, make sure that you are typing your login info in with all the correct caps and non-caps – Usernames and Passwords are CASE-SENSITIVE! If you have CAPITAL letters in your Username and/or Password, make sure they're capitalized. Get it? Good.
  4. Why is my Account Blocked? This fucking blows.
    We know this is a pain, but it's for your protection! If your account logs on from too many computers at once and/or your account is accessed from too many IPs in a certain amount of time, you will see this message. On this note, please do not share your account with a friend; it violates our Terms and Conditions and it makes us very disappointed. And moreover, you get punished for it with a temporary account's like a ?"Jerking Off Time Out" so you can think about what you did and not repeat the same mistakes! Sorry, but these are the lessons of life.
Videos, Pictures and Forums
  1. How do I play the videos on my Ipod, Iphone, or PSP?

    Now you can be a perv just about anywhere! Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Download any video/clip/trailer to your desktop (right click on the link, choose "Save As" or something that looks like that, and choose a name for the file.  Make sure it is being saved to your Desktop.
    2. Open iTunes.
    3. Drag your download file from yur desktop into your iTunes library.
    4. Sync your Ipod/Iphone/PSP.
    5. Enjoy.

    If you're having trouble, please use the "Ask A Question" Form to the right.

  2. When I click on a Photo Set, I just see a bunch of thumbnails (small images)...where are the big pics!?
    Doi! If you click on a thumbnail (small photo), a larger image should pop up on your screen.
  3. I posted a Comment and it isn't showing up. Ahhh!
    Try clicking your Internet browser's "Refresh" button. If the comment still does not appear, please use the Ask-A-Question Form to the right.
  4. My Forum Post/Comment was deleted...WTF!?!

    We want you to be able to say whatever you want on Compliments, bad attitudes, complaints, snarky moods, big smiles, ponies, unicorns and everything else is encouraged – the good, the bad AND even some of the ugly. We will not intervene with your posts...95% of the time...

    HOWEVER, we reserve the right to delete posts we deem as SPAM or unnecessarily CRUEL. If you have a problem with that, then...well...go to your room and think about what you've done. Let's keep the community a safe place to play, yes?

BA Mobile Site
  1. How do I access the full, regular BA site on my mobile device?

    Above the BurningAngel logo on the very tippy top of the page, it reads "Full Web Version": - CLICK ON IT!

  2. What phones will the Mobile Optimized site work with?

    The site is made for your smart phone! It's compatible with all of the following mobile devices:

    - iPhone

    - iTouch

    - iPad

    - Android

    - Google

    - Blackberry

    - Sony Psp

    If you do not see your mobile device listed, please use the "Ask A Question" form to the right of this page and tell us what type of phone you use.We might be able to help!

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